Elegance, style and especially a silky tact define it. This is ideal to enjoy alone or better in company, and even more during the hottest days of the year.

Alcohol: 12% vol.

Grape variety: Wine made from the Premsal Blanc (Moll) variety (100%)

Harvest: The harvest was done by hand during the first weeks of September.

Development and aging: The juice was extracted from the flower of the grape. Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 18º.

Visual stage: it was a pale yellow color that’s clean and bright.

Nose: variety of aromas reminiscent of white fruits such as apple and pear. Also ripe tropical fruits like pineapple, peach and bananas.

Taste: Fresh on the palate, fruity and balanced with a long finish.

Serve between 6 and 8ºC.

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