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The vineyards are located at the municipality of Santa Maria del Camí, 15 km from Palma de Mallorca. They grow in the surroundings of the town, an immillorable stage for the development of this cultivation.

  • Viticultura

    An ancestral viticulture is practiced, that is to say, that which has been transmitted from generation to generation. The vineyards are rainfed, for this reason they have to optimize the resources that nature has; once the harvest is over, the spontaneous vegetation is allowed to grow until the winter period ends. It is what is known as temporary spontaneous plant cover. In this way you get:

  • Pruning is what is known as "eye look cut", it is a pruning that is based on respecting the wise behavior of the plant as much as possible. The cultural techniques that are carried out once the vegetative period has begun are based on regulating the vigor of the plant to obtain the highest quality grapes. To finish the cycle, once the grapes are matured, maturity is checked and the right time is decided to harvest by hand.