Cuatro generaciones

In 1937 Sebastià Pastor Mayol, farm worker and wine enthusiast making wine from the grapes he harvested from his own vineyard. It was a difficult start, but the hard work and effort he put into making his wine made sure they did not go unnoticed. His dedication and passion pased on through four generations.

The Sebastià Pastor cellar has constantly been improving their wines and the techniques and methods used to make then.
In the early stages, the wine was made in concentric vast. But as new methods and materials, such as fiber glass and stainless steel arrived, the quality improved. Now we combine the traditional methods, live hand picking the grapes, with new ones, like controlled fermentation.

The grape varieties of Manto negro, Callet and Prensal blanc (Moll) are only available on Mallorca, which makes our wines different and unique.